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Dick Hutchinson (Richard W.)


Location: Penobscot Maine, US




Career field: Chemical Engineering (BS Pennsylvania State University in 1966, MS & PhD Lehigh University in 1967 and 1971, respectively)


Work status: Retired


Years of professional experience: 31


     Work experience: I worked as a civilian project manager, team leader and supervisor within the US Army at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland for most of my career focusing on research and development of chemical and biological weapons defense systems, chemical weapons treaty verification, and preparing US cities to respond to biological terrorist attacks. I had the good fortune of attending the US Army War College resident program in 1987. While at Aberdeen Proving Ground, colleagues and I discovered and successfully applied a novel problem-solving approach, the "wicked-problem approach," that provides access to the full human potential to resolve complex problems. I retired from civil service in 2001 and continue to do voluntary engineering work on global warming, in addition to my pastimes—sailing and falconry.

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