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“Personal opinions” are personal views of GCC members. They are not the result of work on the Global Solutions Program.The flagship project of the Global Climate Collaboration is the work involved in the Global Solutions and Outreach Programs (GSOP), which will determine near-optimal combinations of climate solutions (paths forward) nationally, regionally and globally, in consideration of technical, social and political challenges. GCC members of course have their own opinions on climate solutions. For example, Dr. Rehm thinks that we cannot sort out our planetary global warming dilemma without a significant ramp-up in the contribution of nuclear energy. 

Green House Gas Emission Scopes

American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Special Issue on Climate

Joint Statement on the Environment


The heads of the Roman  Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican Churches have issued a Joint Statement on the Environment (September 2021) that calls on world leaders to “listen to the cry of the earth”. The three leaders — Patriarch Bartholomew, Pope Francis and Archbishop Welby — together are responsible for the religious guidance of about 1.6 billion Christians.

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