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Our Proposal
The Global Solutions and Outreach Programs (GSOP)

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To best understand our proposal, please view the Wicked-Problem Approach Orientation Video first, followed by the Proposal Summary or the Proposal Briefing Video (both cover the same program description), and then the WPA & GSOP Strategy and Flow Diagrams Video.

Do human biases have a good effect or a bad effect on climate solutions? Take our survey.

Corporate vested interests, career vested interests, public passions, and political agendas affect decisions on climate solutions.


Tell us your opinion in this survey.

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WPA & GSOP Strategy and Flow Diagrams Video

This video presents two 

key aspects of the Wicked-Problem Approach followed by the Global Solutions & Outreach Program's strategy and flow diagrams. These 

diagrams show how the program's national and international teams will work together to develop practical national, regional and global action plans to successfully overcome global warming.

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