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2nd Climate Solutions Symposium

Hosted by the Engineering, Science and Technology Council of Houston


On October 7, 2023, a hybrid Climate Solutions Symposium was held, in-person at the University of Houston Student Center Theater and virtual through online livestreaming. 174 registered for the symposium, 102 virtually and 72 in-person. 

This page contains hyperlinks to mp4 recordings of the entire symposium (3 hours), of each of the five speakers including their Q/A (links below), and of the panel Q/A (link below).

This page also contains answers to questions posed to the speakers, and information on the six symposium sponsors.


Montgomery (Monty) Alger

Chemical Engineering Professor

Pennsylvania State University 

Joel Yu

Vice President Policy

Enchanted Rock LLC

Eugene (Gene) Preston

Power System Reliability


Isuru Seneviratne


Radiant Value Management


Richard (Dick) Hutchinson

Cofounder, Global Solutions

and Outreach Programs


Gold Sponsors

LI-COR is the world leader in environmental

measurement technology providing solutions

across the major processes of ecosystems and

industrial emissions through the monitoring of

CO2, CH4, N2O and H2O from small to large


BJ Clark

Product Specialist of Trace Gas

Analyzer and Soil Domains, LI-COR

The Nuclear Energy Institute represents

the nuclear energy industry. NEI’s mission

is to promote the use and growth of nuclear 

energy through efficient operations and

effective policy.

Benton Arnett

Senior Director, Markets and Policy

Nuclear Energy Institute

Panel Q/A. This is a recording of the panel Q/A.

Questions answered by panelists: Take this link for panelist answers to questions posed to them. 

Silver Sponsors

The Leighty Foundation is a small family foundation. We are especially interested in accelerating humanity’s transition to a sustainable, equitable, benign, affordable global energy system based entirely upon renewable energy sources — driven by radiant energy from our local star, the Sun, and by geothermal.

CAMS, Consolidated Asset Management Services. Best-in-class steward of energy assets since 2007. Powering business with sustainable solutions. Connect with our experts at

Bronze Sponsors

Somnath Basu, AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow

VHE Technical Analysis

QR codes for all speakers and all sponsors



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Global Solutions and Outreach Programs (GSOP)

Dick separately prepared a recording of his presentation, provided here.

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