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GSOP Cost Plan

GSOP Cost Basis


Full-time labor rate based on average ChE salary is $121K/year.


Add 40% overhead to each full-time participant.


Add 20% overhead to each part-time participant. (4 hr./week = 1/10th time)


Resulting full-time labor cost/year = $121K x 1.4 = $169/year.


Resulting part-time labor cost/year = $121K x 0.1 x 1.2 = $15K/year.


GSOP Manpower Estimate


Global Solutions Program manpower estimate:

People’s Project 1 – 132 full-time and 880 part-time.

People’s Project 2 – 75 full-time and 610 part-time.

People’s Project 3 – 63 full-time and 470 part-time.

Totals Global Solutions Program: – 270 full-time and 1,960 part-time for 3 projects.


Outreach Program manpower estimate:

110 full-time and 1,000 part-time.


Total GSOP Manpower: 380 full-time and 2,960 part-time.


GSOP Cost Estimate


Global Solutions Program:

270 full-time x $169K/year = $45.6M/year.

1,960 part-time x $15K/year = $29.4M/year.

Total: 75.0M/year x 3 years = $225M (rounded to $245M).


Outreach Program:

110 full time x $169K/year = $18.6M/year.

1,000 part-time x $15K/year = $15.0M/year.

Total: $33.6M/year x 3 years = $101M (rounded to $105M).


GSOP total $326M rounded to $350M.

Leaving $350M - $326M = $24M contingency to cover Administrative Team, building space rental and needs.



Personnel and Cost Estimate for Administration Team



Required Tasks and Capabilities of Administration Team


1. Establish or acquire a legal entity (non-profit organization, private or government) to accept and administer program money and other necessary functions. (Will need a consultant expert.)


2. Form a Board of Directors if a private organization is established.


3. Hire full-time participants for Administration Team.

- Administrator to oversee Administration Team. (1 Administrator)

- Administrators for payroll and fringe benefits (health care, disability insurance, employee

  owned retirement account, sick and annual leave). (3 Bachelor degrees)

- Comptroller to oversee budget and money in and out. (2 Analysists)

- Accountant to track finances. (2 Accounts)

- Secretaries, receptionists for Administration Team and Technical Team. (1 Secretary for

  Administration Team, 4 Secretaries for project teams.)

- Bachelor degree to acquire office space for collocated participants and administrate office

  space rental, travel expenses, moving/relocation expenses, temporary duty station

  expenses. (2 Bachelor degrees)

- Bachelor degrees to hire candidates after selection by Technical Start-up Team.

  (2 Bachelor degrees)

- On-call contractor legal support. Hire law firm to provide as needed legal support.


Note: The staffing estimates from friend and former college roommate, Ronald Frey. Ron retired as Director of Human Resources, University of Vermont with 23 people in his department. He spent his career in university personnel administration.


4. Select office space for collocated participants.


In addition to the above staff, three full-time engineers or equivalent are needed for the following four ongoing administrative tasks (#5-8).


5. Recruit young professionals (20’s and 30’s) for the Technical Teams to execute GSOP.


6. Maintain and administratively support a “Technical Advisory Committee" of senior 

    technical experts (volunteers) for independent GSOP peer review, guidance and assistance.


7. Maintain Visibility Team to keep public officials, corporate leaders, donors and the

    public informed of the GSOP and its results.


8. Maintain GSOP Web site.


Total Personnel & Costs


Full-time participants for Administration Team (Figures from BLS)

Position                       Cost/MY    # People Total for Positions

1 Administrator           $108K/yr.        x 1 = $108K/yr.

7 Bachelor degrees      $70K/yr.          x 7 = $490K/yr.

2 Analysists                  $82K/yr.          x 2 = $164K/yr.

2 Accounts                   $82K/yr.          x 2 = $164K/yr.

5 Secretaries                 $40K/yr.          x 5 = $200K/yr.

Totals:                                                 17   $1,126K/yr. With 40% overhead = $1,576/yr.


3 full-time engineers or equivalent: $169/year x 3 = 507K/yr.


Total Administration Team: $1,576K/yr. + $507K/yr. = $2,083K/yr. rounded to $2.1M/yr.


Total Administration Team for 3 years: $6.3M to be paid for out of $24M contingency.

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