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Executive Overview

Global Solutions and Outreach Programs (GSOP)

The pace of resolving global warming is unacceptable and some of the envisioned solutions are worrisome. To avoid the worst catastrophes, we must move expeditiously to identify and implement economically responsible global solutions. 

What is Global Climate Collaboration and GSOP?

Global Climate Collaboration is an international collaboration of Engineers, Economists, Scientists, and other professionals, with systems expertise in the energy, transportation, manufacturing, construction, and other sectors relevant to climate change and sustainability.

We are concerned about the slow pace of addressing Climate Change, and the lack of global engineering input to solutions. We came together as a group, to    provide the expertise in deploying solutions that will stave off the worst aspects of Climate Change in a rapid fashion, while still being technically, economically, and socially viable. We utilize a unique iterative “wicked problem” approach to do this, previously demonstrated in the Department of Defense and elsewhere. Our focus is to accelerate the adoption of high-impact solutions in the right places through our Global Solutions and Outreach Program (GSOP).

Our Mission

Despite many governmental and private initiatives, the pace of change to address Climate Disruption is inadequate. If we do not successfully solve this “Wicked Problem”, on both Earth’s and Humans’ terms, the well-being of future generations and the survival of modern civilization will be in deep peril. We cannot wait. We need to accelerate adoption of climate mitigation and restoration technologies, and implement them in a way that preserves the social and economic stability of human civilization.

GSOP Implementation

GSOP is a collaboration of two mutually supporting programs:

  • An International Global Solutions Program to focus on national, regional and global solutions

  • An International Outreach Program to provide engineering advice and support to local states, communities, and industries taking action on global warming.

The overall goals of the Global Solutions Program are: 

  1. Stabilize the Earth’s energy balance to halt global warming, 

  2. Adjust the Earth’s energy balance to return to prior conditions, 

  3. Address ocean acidification and other problems, and 

  4. Cope with unavoidable climate-change impacts.

Together, over the next three years, these programs will bring local communities and industry into the problem-solving efforts along with national, regional and global teams of engineers, economists and other specialists. All participants will work in concert and share results. They will develop honest, practical solutions that are physically successful on Earth’s terms, and economically, socially and politically successful on human terms.

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