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GSOP Action Teams

Five teams are led by members of the GSOP management team. Please consider volunteering for one of these teams. The teams with the greatest need of volunteers are the Open Letter team and the Funding team.

Open Letter action team

Led by Balaji Ramarao,

A major push in 2024 is the publication of our Open Letter worldwide. The letter will be addressed to Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations, and to John Podesta, United States Climate Diplomat. The target for publishing the letter is August. The Open Letter action team needs volunteers. Please contact Balaji.

Funding action team

Led by Bob Romero,

Setting up the nonprofit GSOP Climate Collaboration Inc., completing the steps and receiving approval from all 50 states for solicitation of charitable donations, setting up and maintaining the GSOP website, and other ongoing costs have cost the five members of our GSOP management team about $20,000. We are receiving small donations that are helping to cover some of these initial expenses. Long term, we must raise the funds to conduct the three years of GSOP analyses. Bob Romero is the Treasurer of our nonprofit. Bob has done a fine job of setting up the nonprofit and applying for approval in 50 states for solicitation of charitable donations. The Funding action team needs volunteers. Please contact Bob. We also need donations.

Climate Action Organizations (CAOs) action team

Led by Eric Townsend,

There are many organizations working on resolving global warming and its climate change effects. Many in their leadership and membership are undoubtedly concerned about the slow progress now being made. These CAOs are not aware of the critical gap that GSOP will fill, namely integrated-systems analyses that will mitigate the detrimental effects of human bias via the Wicked-Problem Approach. This team is working to reach out to CAOs.

Government action team

Led by Tom Rehm,

Governments are obviously crucial to support the GSOP proposal, not only through allocation of funding but also through policies needed to support the most viable mix of solutions, whether national, regional, or global. Policy makers are not experts in climate solutions. They do their best to make decisions based on advice received. The GSOP analyses will provide the best advice. This team is working to reach out to governments at the national, subnational (states/provinces) and local levels. 

Establishment of GSOP Initiation Teams

Led by Dick Hutchinson,

Dr. Dick Hutchinson is now working with early-career professionals in Mexico, Venezuela, and Uganda, to assist them in establishing GSOP Initiation Teams in their countries. As a result of the March 16 meeting, others expressed interest in establishing such a team in their countries. This 'action team' essentially consists of all those who are now working to establish a GSOP Initiation Team within their country. Without dozens of countries around the world having such country-local initiation teams, GSOP will probably not get off the ground.

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