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If you invest a million dollars on a climate solution, you will promote that solution.

If your career focuses on a climate solution, you will promote that solution.

These are understandable human needs.

They also are detrimental to making the best decisions on climate solutions.

The Wicked Problem Approach cuts through these biases.

Vested Interests

  • Corporate

  • Career



For governments, philanthropies, companies, etc. who fund the Global Solutions and Outreach Programs, what should they expect as a return on their investment?

All who fund the GSOP project will help  humanity solve the greatest challenge it faces, global warming and its climate change effects. The ROI (Return on Investment) is a livable planet.

For more answers, go to FAQs.

If not us, who? If not now, when?


President John F. Kennedy

We can work together now to minimize

the detrimental effects of public passions, vested interests (corporate and career), and political agendas.

The GSOP Team

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