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Market Constraints on Climate Solutions

The personal opinions on this page deal with market challenges associated with implementing carbon solutions.

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Finding climate solutions within the free market paradigm

Tom Rehm, October 5, 2021

The free market constrains us from arriving at climate solutions that will resolve our global warming dilemma. In truth, the U.S. free market is not free, as it is overlayed with capitalism and stock markets which demand myopic quarterly corporate shareholder dividends, the antithesis of the timeline needed to get out of our planetary mess. The only way to mitigate these constraints is through the Wicked Problem Approach.

Greenhouse gas emissions scopes

Ian Sutton, August 2021

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are categorized as GHGs emitted directly from a company's manufacturing operations (Scope 1), indirectly from power/etc purchased for its manufacturing operations (Scope 2), and produced from use of the products manufactured, e.g., fuels. Companies should be held responsible for GHG emissions. Ian presents the options.

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