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The Team

If not us, who? If not now, when?

John F. Kennedy

Here are some of our team members. If you would like to join us, please send us a message using our Contact page.

In my view, decisions made on climate solutions are too heavily influenced by public passions, vested interests (careers and corporate) and political agendas. If we continue down this path, we will spend our global economic resources without solving our planetary problem. Yes, many “studies” have been done, many “transition plans” prepared and presented, but are they sufficiently divorced from these detrimental influences? I think not. We must not continue down a path susceptible to failure. We can do better. We must do better. The Wicked Problem Approach is proven. It will bring us together – out of our silos – to figure this out. Join us in support of our Global Climate Collaboration initiative and our flagship project, Global Solutions and Outreach Programs.

Like you, I am very concerned about global warming – particularly for the young people of today and tomorrow. I analyzed this problem and how to solve it from an engineering perspective, leading to my book People’s Assessment of Global Warming. A key insight: the Earth is one integrated system that can only respond to the physical actions by all nations and peoples. It cannot respond to our social convenience, prosperity or even survival. In short, we must solve global warming on Earth’s terms, not just on our terms. Unfortunately, no coordinated, international engineering effort is underway to do so. The program we propose will fill this need and result in practical, international solutions to global warming. Please consider our suggestions and join us in this important work.

Christin Newell
BS Chemical Engineering

I am currently a principal process engineer in renewables. I work on renewable natural gas projects, and I worked on algae biofuels (sustainable aviation fuels) and gasification in the past. Another project included large scale carbon capture for enhanced oil recovery (EOR). My expertise includes designing first of kind facilities.  I am also an ambassador for Climate Interactive’s EN-Roads simulator. I believe the climate crisis can be solved if enough of us work together.  This group was started by engineers and we are adept at selecting the best and most economical solutions.  

Babatunde Anifowose
PhD Environmental Science

As a university lecturer and researcher with 15 years work experience around the environmental assessment of energy industry value-chain, I intend to work with the team to better understand the spatiality and temporality of the four pressure points (i.e., transportation, housing/buildings, power generation and industry) against the decarbonisation agenda. I have consulted for the JICA-RI, the African Development Bank, private multinational etc. on biodiversity, pollution response, performance enhancement and environmental assessment issues in the energy industry. I sit on the Board of Directors of SPE Sustainable Development Technical Section.

Marie Laplante
BS Chemical Engineering

Marie Laplante is a chemical engineer and Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Fellow. Experienced in the chemical and energy sectors, she has worked in operations, project management, process design, and technology sales.  She is a champion for educating and mentoring STEM students and is active in outreach with SWE and FIRST robotics.  She believes a smart balance of existing technology coupled with emission controls and technologies in development will stabilize our environment.

Bob Romero

After 30 years in the oil industry in exploration and production, I am now retired and have become a certified Texas Master Naturalist and a Board member of the Houston Chapter of the Native Prairies Association of Texas. In addition to another conservation organization, I have joined several organizations that are focused on the climate crisis on the local, state, and national level. I am excited about the Global Solutions and Outreach Programs project because it aims to address the climate crisis at the global level in a systematic way and through cooperation with diverse groups and because I think that this approach has the necessary ingredients to make a real difference.

Gopal Salvady
MS Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering

I am an entrepreneur with a passion to work with concerned community engineers across the world to enable climate solutions through science, compliance, ESG for industry, energy and waste solutions, to leave a better world for the future.

I am personally committed to a world working together for our common well-being and a sustainable future. Our global success will require a collaboration of many organizations and people, and a new engineering approach, to fulfill it. We are contributing our professional capabilities to work with others, and offer opportunities to young engineers and other professionals, to determine and implement the best solution pathways to a sustainable future, leaving human civilization thriving socially, equitably, and economically.

Balaji Ramarao
BS Chemical Engineering
Mark Friedman
PhD Psychology

I have over 25 years of experience in Executive Coaching, Strategic Alignment, Team Building, Change Management, Career Development and Outplacement, Individual and Organizational Assessment, Developing and Implementing Training Programs for Managers and Supervisors, and Meeting Facilitation.  I have held internal OD &Training positions at Eli Lilly, RCA, TVA, Conoco and Tenneco. I am a popular speaker who is often asked to talk about Partnering Strategically with Management, Hire the Best!, Managing Performance, Executive Coaching, and Take Charge of Your Career.  During the last 25 years he has helped over 3000 people manage their careers and career transitions.

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